Marcus Thomson

Marcus can chew your ear off about growing up wild on his family’s country vineyard. Or tearing around Australia on his Kawasaki. Or pulling beers in hair-raising bush pubs. Or finally settling into inner city Melbourne and how he fell in love with photography.

‘Taking photos is a lot like music,’ says Marcus. ‘Sometimes it just clicks, and it’s gold. Sometimes it doesn’t, and you’ve got to persist and put in the time to get the cool shot you know is there.’

And like the best music, Marcus’s images eloquently tell tales of the joy, pain and wonder of being alive.

Simmer in the heat with the Speed Week freaks in the salt flats of far-flung South Australia. Feel the throb of the vibrant, pulsating heart of Mozambique. Marvel at the Australian outback’s abstract performance from the cockpit of a Mooney aircraft.

Every picture tells a story—they beckon you to stop. They say, ‘Let me tell you what it feels like to be here.’

‘That’s why I love taking stills,’ says Marcus. ‘It’s a moment in time stopped forever.’

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